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Below is a list of Minecraft Java related resources that we think are awesome. If you are making VOD content, are a Minecraft streamer, run a Minecraft server or just love Minecraft, there’s something for everyone. But not only do we want to share these awesome resources with you, we want to show you how to use them too! Have we missed something? Contact us to get it added!

Textcraft – Minecraft Logo Generator

Textcraft is a great tool for generating Minecraft logos for your vod, streaming content or even your servers. Check out textcraft here. Tutorial video coming soon!

Check out these logo samples from Textcraft

Mc Map Item Tool – Custom Map Data Generation

Uploading an image to this website will generate custom map data to replace your maps in your Minecraft game or server. By changing the map data, you can import any image of your choice in to your game do display on a map. Check out the tutorial on how to set this up here.

Check out these custom map samples made using the Map Item Tool