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Plugin Overview

Tree Assist replants trees after they’ve been cut or burnt down while keeping the same tree type. The plugin comes with commands to force break/grow trees within a set radius as well as automated tree destruction. Chopping a bottom log can take down the entire tree and replant the matching sapling. This plugin also has the ability to offer a chance of dropping any item for the player when chopping down a tree.

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Installing the Plugin

Download the latest files for this plugin on Bukkit. After downloading the file, you’ll need to upload the .jar file to your plugins folder on your server. Need a little help uploading the plugin to your server? Check out the instructions here.

Configuring the Plugin

This plugin works great out of the box, however it also comes with a good variety of tweaks available and we cover some of those here to help you fine tune the plugin.

To change options in the configuration of this plugin, locate the config.yml file in Plugins/TreeAssist.

Prevent Log Breaking Without Tool

Options: true/false

Prevent the trees being chopped down using the plugin if they are using the wrong tool.

true – if not using the correct tool, unable to chop the tree down

false – no checks are done on the tool, allow the plugin to chop trees down

Prevent Log Breaking With Breaking Tool

Options: true/false

Should the plugin prevent the player chopping the tree down using Tree Assist if it will break their tool in the process?

true – if their tool will break, don’t allow the tree to be chopped down

false – no checks take place, allow even if it will break the tool

Toggle Remember

Options: true/false

After a server reboot, should the plugin be in the same toggle state as prior to the reboot?

true – the plugin state will have the toggle state set the same as before the reboot

false – the toggle state of the plugin will be set to the default after a reboot

Toggle Default

Options: true/false

Should the plugin be enabled for the player by default?

true – The plugin is active by default for the player

false – The plugin is disabled by default for the player

Tree Configuration & Drop

Tree Assist has the ability to control what is dropped when the player cuts down a tree. This can be controlled at a global or per tree level. To modify the global settings locate the configuration file at “plugins/TreeAssist/trees/default.yml“.

This file is well documented and very easy to understand. It can control things like applying tool damage per every block dropped, automatically adding logs to the players inventory, cleaning up remaining leaves after chopping down a tree etc.

One of the most powerful things in this file is the ability to control the drops from chopping trees down. Under “Items:” there are a list of drops that the tree can drop and can include anything in the game. Each item can have an individual percentage change of dropping where 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50%, 0.1 is 10% and so on. As an example, “minecraft:golden_apple: 0.02” gives a 2% chance of dropping a golden apple.

Under “Factors:” there are a list of tools along with the chance they have at dropping the items. This setting allows you to really fine tune the drop rates and work the same as the above setting. For example, “minecraft:netherite_axe: 1.0” means a Netherite Axe has 100% chance of drops based on their own drop rates, “minecraft:netherite_axe: 0.5” would drop this to a 50% chance and so on.

Plugin Commands

/treeassist toggle

Used to enable or disable the automatic tree destruction for the player running the command. Running ‘/treeassist toggle‘ to toggle off will return the trees to their standard vanilla behaiour for the local player running the command.

This can also be toggled on and off for another player by simply using ‘/treeassist toggle Shantek‘ to toggle on/off for player ‘Shantek’.

The above commands only impact individual players. If you are wanting to toggle for all players on the server, this can be done with the blow ‘/treeassist global’ command.

/treeassist global

Used to enable or disable the entire plugin. Running ‘/treeassist global‘ will disable the plugin from the game for all players on the server. Once disabled the game will have standard vanilla tree functionality. Simply running ‘/treeassist global‘ a second time will re-enable to plugin.

/treeassist reload

The Tree Assist configuration can be reloaded without the need of rebooting your server. Once you have made your desired changes and saved your configuration file, simply running the ‘/treeassist reload command will reload your configuration file.

/treeassist addtool

Equip any tool you wish to use with Tree Assist – in this example we are using a Blaze Rod. With this selected type the command ‘/treeassist addtool‘ to add this tool. Once added this item can be used with the Tree Assist plugin to chop and replant trees.

/treeassist removetool

Equip any tool you wish to remove from Tree Assist – in this example we are using a Blaze Rod. With this selected type the command ‘/treeassist removetool‘ to remove this tool. Once removed this item can no longer be used with the Tree Assist plugin to chop and replant trees.

/treeassist commandtool

Typing the command ‘/treeassist commandtool‘ will give you a tool that you can use to click on a sapling to toggle a protected state. Once a sapling has been protected, the player is unable to dig up the sapling but can still bonemeal to grow and chop down the tree.

Additional Resources

Join the official Tree Assist Discord here.